Will Dental Implants Change Your Smile?

Will Dental Implants Change Your Smile?

Team Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing or damaged teeth, you know how they can affect your appearance and self-esteem. You may not feel like showing your teeth as you smile when you are in social situations or when you see yourself in the mirror.

Dental implants can completely transform your smile, creating a pleasing appearance while replacing the function of your missing teeth. After your dental implant surgery, you will feel like smiling again, improving your outlook on life while protecting your oral health.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Restore your appearance
  • Restore your chewing ability
  • Preserve your jawbone strength
  • Boost gum and bone health
  • Protect dental alignment and keeps teeth stable

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants require a multi-step procedure that can take several months to complete. The first step is a consultation appointment, including imaging scans to determine your needs and eligibility for receiving dental implants.

Our office uses a CBCT scanner to assess your bone health and plan the implant surgery. The CBCT scanner provides a detailed readout of your dental anatomy and pinpoints any difficulties your oral surgeon may encounter.

If you lack sufficient bone mass for a dental implant due to a tooth that has been missing for months or years, you may need bone graft surgery before receiving it. Bone graft surgery can occur at the same time as extracting your damaged tooth.

After any required bone grafts heal, the first procedure involves inserting the post into the jawbone. The dental implant post is biocompatible titanium, a strong and lightweight metal that resists corrosion. 

The oral surgeon drills an opening in your jawbone and screws in the post. The post will bond with your jawbone in osseointegration, allowing a solid connection and a natural result.

Typically, the implant post takes a few months to heal before the next step. After osseointegration is complete, the oral surgeon reopens the gum and attaches a stainless steel abutment to the implant post. The abutment will eventually hold the dental crown, bridge, or denture that completes your restoration. The surgeon will suture the gum around the abutment but not over it for the next healing period.

When the initial steps have healed, the oral surgeon will place the final restoration in the form of a dental crown. You will be able to chew, speak clearly, and share your smile, just as you would with a natural tooth.

Options for Dental Implants

We offer several options for patients have one or more missing teeth:

  • Single-tooth dental implants
  • Implant-supported bridges
  • Implant-supported dentures

If you need extensive tooth replacement, a bridge or denture may be a great option for replacing several teeth at once.

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